my friend grumpy jokes with me that i am like cher, and wish to turn back time – because i have so few readers that my blog is really a livejournal circa 2002.  so what does one do to announce their blog to the world? throw a dinner party and invite too many people!

but the truth is, if i may say, this may be the best meal i have ever prepared!  i know how narcissistic that sounds, but as sammy said, “kiki (my sissy) may have gotten the sparkle gene, but you definitely got the domestic gene.” don’t get me wrong, the prep came with plenty of problems. the first: how does one cook a dinner for 25 in a manhattan-size apartment? and who cooks for at least 3 different diets (gluten-free; kosher; and no-red-beets diet)? and who decides the first time they attempt to cook short ribs, they should cook 20 of them?!

but 20 ribs and 3 chickens later i learned several lessons:

1. cooking in minimal clothing as to not dirty your shirt is only done in movies because in real life people can get burns on their belly.
2. cheese is always better when sprinkled with edible glitter! (thanks sammy!)
3. it is unproductive to buy giant serving dishes that do not fit into your cupboards.
3. a meal is only as good as the company you eat it with.

now, off to the menu!:

recipes to come once i can button my pants!

bulgur salad ; brussels sprouts ; sweet potato gratin