according to the chalkboard in the bulk-foods section of whole foods, bulgur wheat is the 10th healthiest grains. apparently a grain called “teff” is number 1, but since i have never heard of “teff” before, bulgur is getting a promotion!  hooray! good job!

after all, i figured since i was serving all the rest of my vegetables smothered in heavy cream and bacon fat, i should make at least one healthy dish.  and quinoa is so trendy right now, i needed to be a bit of a rebel, which led me to bulgur. and guess what? bulgur isn’t vulgar! it’s a mix between a quinoa and a couscous. its flavorful, with a bit of a bite. and the best part is that it tastes delicious and sounds fancy without much work!

recipe: bulgur isn’t vulgar! (adapted from delicious days)


1/8th cup (30 g)  pine nuts
bunch of spring onions (3-4; 50 g) white and light green parts only finely sliced
1/4 cup (50 g) dried cranberries
2 tbsp butter
2 1/2 cups (500 ml) vegetable or chicken stock
1 1/4 cup (200 g) bulgur
1 or 2 lemons
sea salt, if necessary


1. melt butter in saute pan.  add spring onions and saute until quite soft.

2. when spring onions are ready, pour over stock in a large sauce pan.  bring to a boil and then add bulgur.cook for a few minutes (5 minutes), stirring infrequently.

3. add roughly chopped cranberries, and continue to cook for another 5 – 10 minutes until bulgur is soft. drain excessive stock if necessary.

4. add zest of 1 large lemon, 1 1/2 smaller lemons. let bulgur cool.

5. toast pinenuts and add to bulgur. mix with a fork, whilst “fluffing” and loosening any large chunks.

6. season with salt and pepper if necessary *

7. eat and enjoy!

* sharoni note: i added a half teaspoon of my new favorite condiment: citrus champagne vinegar. granted, not everybody wants to splurge on an unnecessary vinegar, but it may change your life. i think it definitely changed this salad.