four years ago i was asked to prepare a small treat for a friends potluck.  knowing a frenemy of mine would be in attendance, i toiled to find the perfect recipe. something that would be sure to impress in it’s a) cuteness & visual appeal b) taste and c) approachability. they were, a hit. cute as a button, tasty and moist.

i  know, i know, jimmy fallon has his opinions on the word moist: “worst word in the english language”. for the record, i agree (i dislike the word “moist” almost as much as i dislike the word “frenemy”) – but there is no other word that fits! “wet-ish” and “balmy” don’t sound so good when discussing an edible treat!

but i digress: several years later i had to issue an apology to an ex, and chose to make him these as well. i believe he forgave me 😉

and again, last week, after messing up my go-to mushroom turnovers, and having rain ruin a “birthday picnic” (which later turned into “birthday fort”) i decided the only remedy would be my go to banana cupcakes with marscapone cream cheese frosting. they were, again, perfect.

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